What's in Store for Us?

Placement Day 2021

In order to determine the best fit for your dance education, we will have 2 days of free classes to assess each students current dance level. Everyone who attends a class will receive a personalized evaluation the style of the class and our recommendation for which level/TMavenue to register. 

January 2nd

2:00 - 4:00

Pre-Professional Interview

If you are interested in the Pre-Professional Avenue you need to attend Placement Day classes for each genre. You'll also need to sign up for an interview time slot. 

Not accepting applicants until Summer 2021

Summer Intensives 2021

After Placement Day, you'll be able to more accurately determine what level you'll thrive best in

Classes will be taught by Core Faculty and Special Guest Instructors

Classes in Jazz, Tap, Ballet, Musical Theatre, Contemporary, Lyrical, Yoga, Stretch, Conditioning, etc.

Only 10 students will be allowed in each level until restrictions are lifted


All Intensives will be from 10:00-5:00

Intensive 101 and 201: July 19-23

Intensive 301 and Pre-Professional : July 26-30


$350 for the full week before July 1

$400 for the full week starting July 1

$100 for individual days

Virtual Classes

We are excited to announce our affiliation with CLI Studios, based out of LA!

Students of TMproductions Avenues of Training have the opportunity to train with some of the world's best choreographers and dance teachers based in L.A. Enrollement in an Avenue grants you access to all the videos and classes for your virtual education at no additional cost!

If you would like access to CLI Studios virtual classes with out enrollment in a TMavenue, it would normally cost you $99 but for TMproductions students, it's only $75! Register under Virtual Classes

Now an Official Studio Parter

Make sure to read our guidelines for moving forward during Covid-19

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