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About TMProductions

We are a collaborative performing arts complex that offers dance training as well as education and instruction in multiple fields.  There is a distinct group of professional artists who have the desire to train in a more equitable and safe setting. TMproductions caters to those students. 

It’s always been my big goal to have a space that facilitates and houses the development of new works for artists; A one stop shop for education, development, performance and professional opportunities. It's my goal to fill the coworking space and all of our offices with a variety of artists who can collaborate and work together to help further everyone's careers.

Our in-house partners are available to help you reach your goals and find your bliss. 

Our education department, SUBSISTENCE, offers programs from the beginner to the pre-professional levels that include dance classes, acting and voice lessons, industry information, individual mentorship, college advising, career consultations, and more!


However, the constant goal is to make our space even more open and equitable and develop it to become an epicenter of the performing arts not only for everyone, but especially those who have been neglected in the arts scene.

As someone who has been in the dance/theater industry for over a decade, I've learned that Nashville doesn't always help its artists, and needs a space that not only supports its performers, but provides them an opportunity to thrive and grow.

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