Jared DAlton Agency

The Jared Dalton Agency, was formed by Jared Dalton as a marketing solution for small business owners who were struggling to see results with their social media promotion. Using a blend of social media strategies implemented on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn & Google we have achieved results for over 45 clients. ​

We are performance-driven professionals with a passion for marketing independent businesses. We consistently achieve client satisfaction, preserve brand integrity and connect with diverse audiences.

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Street Theatre Company

Street Theatre Company was founded in 2005 by Cathy Street here in Nashville. Since then, STC has become a major theater in Nashville reliably bringing quality productions to the community. With a rogue sensibility and a lean and professional work ethic, we strive to bring interesting and challenging works to the stage while employing some of the finest artists, actors, singers, dancers, technicians, musicians, and craftspeople in the city.

Found Movement Group

Found Movement Group is a diverse ensemble of movers integrated to form a creative whole. We are the overlooked because of shape, size, race, gender, education (or lack there of), having too much of one style but wanting to train in another, not having enough training, and the list goes on. We are the lost who have found each other.

Found was established in 2006 to fill the absence of hardhitting dance in Nashville. The company's mission is to establish an open community by addressing real life issues hrough the lens of dance and movement theatre. The company explores the unspoken trials which we all seem to face but no one wants to admit. Our vision is to expose Nashville to choreography that maintains responsibility to social consciousness.

Sarah Jane Chapman: Massage, Yoga, Tarot, and Astrology

I can intuitively tell what’s happening in someone’s energetic body by feeling their physical body. I combine energy and body work in both yoga and massage.

My intention is for clients to feel nurtured, empowered, and to gain insight that they can share with their community, and thus the ripples go from there.

polished pope by Porsche Pope

Porsche created Polished Pope to share her love of fashion and styling by providing Creative Direction, Image Consulting, and Interior Decorating to those around the country. She continues to educate and provide her subscribers, followers, and loyal clientele with inspiration through her great appreciation for style and design. Her mission is to teach others how to feel confident in themselves and their space so that they are equipped to go out and positively impact their world.

Ajani'S House of Coffee, Books, + CUlture

Ajani's House is a cultural space that consists of a coffeeshop, bookstore, art gallery and more.

Your SonG by Kyshona Armstrong

Kyshona has always lent her voice and music to those that feel they have been silenced or forgotten. She began her career as a music therapist, writing her first songs with her patients--the students and inmates under her care. She soon found the need to write independently and find her own voice, and endeavor which led her to the fertile ground of the Nashville creative community and songwriting culture. Since then, she has learned how to balance her music career with her passion to heal the hurting. Audiences will find a common thread of empowerment, overcoming adversity, and finding hope in her work.

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Barnfire Creative

Barnfire Creative is a progressive recording label that focuses on a unique process of artist incubation while inviting listeners into the creative process.From it's humble beginnings as a bedroom studio in the heart of Berry Hill TN, Barnfire Creative has swiftly grown into a multi-faceted production company. Stemming from a passion for true artist development and a deep understanding of what it means to cultivate a safe space for creative exploration, the Barnfire community has become home to some of the most recognizable voices in todays musical landscape

Hampton House

At Hampton House we know how hard it is to ask for help, we invite you to do it anyway. Healing and changing may not be easy and we do it anyway, because we believe that healing in the margins is how we will change the world!

Cailin Leigh Photography

I fell in love with photography when dance was taken away from me.

It was 2012 and I was a senior in high school when my knee started acting up and I found myself sitting out of everything involving dance. During that time I picked up a camera and starting taking pictures/videos of everything that kept me close to dance- my friends in dance class, senior dance portraits, headshots & creative movement photoshoots. And so, this Jackie-of-all-trades added another trade to her daily practice. Capturing those irreplaceable moments of movement and providing services for dancers & artists has been my second favorite passion.

If you’re in need of someone to capture movement, I’d love to be your girl.

Titi Abiwon

I like to say discovering the world of beauty, content creation, branding, and social media marketing was the best thing to ever happen to me. Coupled with a college degree in Business Management and an MBA, I discovered that I have a strong passion for leveraging my experiences and expertise to help others achieve their goals.